Friday, November 13, 2009

From the UK: Are short, personalised runs the future for magazines and Oce in Berlin, Nov 16.

Reader Reaction: Are short, personalised runs the future for magazines? |
PrintWeek, 13 November 2009
Following Wikia's deal with HP's MagCloud, we ask if personalised magazines are the future"

HP today announced on Oct 21, 2009 Wikia, the company that brings together millions of people to create and discover engaging content on every topic, will offer print-on-demand services to its communities through MagCloud, an HP cloud service that automates magazine publishing.
Some comments from Printweek:
but in terms of genuine news media, they will be too expensive to distribute, even if they are relatively cheap to produce.
I can’t really comprehend how you would personalise an entire run.

If it’s got your name on it, or has been tailored to your interests, it’s far more engaging. If done well and the industry leans that way, then I think short-run personalised magazines are the way to go. An increasing number of newspaper readers are going online to read the content they want and publishers are updating their websites more frequently to cater for their readers. The future of personalised digitally-printer magazines really depends though on the technology and the costs of production coming down.

On the other hand, consider this story from Time Magazine:
The paper, called Niiu, is all about consumer choice: it gives readers the freedom to choose the types of articles they want to read, culled from a wide range of German and international news sources.

After registering on Niiu's website,, readers can access other newspapers online and select the pages or sections they find interesting, designing their own specialized paper. But instead of reading it online, Niiu is printed overnight and delivered to the subscriber's door the next morning . . .

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