Tuesday, November 10, 2009

If a publisher can become a printer, why can't a printer become a publisher?

Think about how much content is trapped on the internet yearning to be delivered in Print.
"'We have undertaken an exhaustive analysis of the printing options available to us and it became clear during the process there were compelling reasons to take control of the production of our publications,' Law said.

The decision drew criticism from PMP’s former CEO, Brian Evans, who claimed that: “These guys aren't printers … this is a tall order for them.” In a report in the Australian Financial Review last month, some printing executives doubted that the print centre would be complete by 2011.

But in an interview with Print21, John Rowsthorne, general manager operations at PBL Media, hit back at these allegations, confirming that the printing centre was on track, though he declined to offer a date. 'We are still proceeding,' he said. 'We have a time frame in place and are proceeding as planned.'"

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