Friday, November 13, 2009

KBA and looking at the Global Economy using the lens of Print

KBA got on my radar sometime last week, with the announcement that they moved there headquaters to Texas. From what I can see Texas is the place in the States where it's happening.

The more interesting thing is that following the print industry is a good lens on the most massive shift in the global economy in 500 years. In 1998 Andre Gunder Frank wrote Re-Orient. It's worth re reading today.

At any rate, here's what came up today.

Knig & Bauer AG - quarterly profit in a challenging year | PrintersLounge:

"Buoyant demand in China helped boost exports to Asia and the Pacific from 19.1% to 23.5% of the group total. The figure for Africa and Latin America was well above the historic average at 17.2%, while the percentage of sales generated in the weak North American market remained obstinately low at 7.9%."

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