Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Me and Barb Pellow see the same thing. Maybe we're right?

It seems that jasonpinto on Twitter also thinks it's important.
jasonpinto RT @ToughLoveForX -Barb Pellow at Output Links http://ilnk.me/7b4 "Today’s AR makes print the ultimate in interactive media. "
Anyone who has followed my bloviating knows that I think adding 2d Codes, either as QR, CodeZQR, GossRSVP or any of the others that are emerging in the market place, is the next stage of print.

Since a picture is worth a ....

Getting from here to there will take another little while. But the power of transpromo for incoming information creates the metrics that CMOs need. As it becomes common knowledge, the pent up demand for print is unleashed.

As smart phones and technology keep advancing it's only a matter of time. Given how fast things move it might be much sooner, rather than later.

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