Friday, November 13, 2009

StreamServe, Twitter exchange with XMpie, Turning education into a profit center and Helping high school kids.

The StreamServe piece
StreamServe Learning program expands with online training - Printing Industry News from WhatTheyThink:
"BURLINGTON, Mass., USA – StreamServe, Inc., a leading provider of business communication solutions, today announced that it has added a unique, new online training environment to its StreamServe Learning program. Currently available, this new e-learning environment offers on-demand tools and capabilities to StreamServe's worldwide list of over 5,000 customers and partners.

With on-demand access, trainees can gather, review and act upon information they need on StreamServe's products whenever and wherever it is convenient for them. In addition, the newly enhanced training program will now allow users to review and receive advanced training in Live Expert sessions, ensuring that they receive a complete understanding of the material.

The new StreamServe Learning program also supports Web 2.0 communications, such as forums, chat rooms, video, etc., further enticing collaboration among participants."
The XMpie Piece
@davidbaldaro Exactly. IMO, printers don't need education. They need leads and a pool of trained people ready to work. "schools" are 2 slow.

@davidbaldaro Consider if Xmpie tried to help with #HSdropouts by teaching them on line to use xmpie. Do well, by doing good.

@davidbaldaro Good to hear. What might happen if ed were seen from a social entreprenuer POV to focus on the bottom of the pyramid. 1 more.

@@davidbaldaro The best way to learn is to teach. xmpie pros in printshops mentor hs kids on line and get some edu money to the printer.
The doing well by doing good piece
johnfoleyjr Looking forward to visiting with @toughloveforx at LGA. QR codes and education here we come....
If you think this is just pie-in-sky.
Follow the links to the National Association of Scholars at Princeton University.
"2025: residential colleges that managed to stay afloat during the online winnowing did so by dint of . . ."

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