Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Globals: re: Twitter In Communication, Less is More and More is More, more or less.

Less is more in a push media. More is more in a pull media. Print and TV are push media. The web is a pull media. The web works best when you can pull more and more and more. The 140 characters of twitter, breaks the web into digestible bits. It's like sending postcards. With the tiny url it's like sending a clickable postcard.

from the FT.com
- A categorical imperative to twitter:
"The power of extreme brevity was brought home to me in another context when I told a friend that I was thinking of writing a book. He said: “It won’t work unless you can summarise the argument in a single sentence that can fit on Twitter.” Initially, I found this a repulsive idea. How stupid, I thought – name me a great book that can be summarised in 140 characters? But when I considered the matter further, I realised that most great works of political philosophy could be summarised on Twitter. Indeed, their very greatness lies in the fact that they can be boiled down to a sentence."
There's been a lot of confusion among the globals as to "HOW TO USE TWITTER?" To give you an idea, here's how the Whitehouse uses it. If it works for them it should work for you. By the way, can you see how easy it would be to do a clickable postcard. The 140 characters on the front, the QR + tinyurl on the back.

Watch, engage, discuss: Health Reform Office Director Nancy-Ann DeParle Facebook live-stream chat at 5:00 http://bit.ly/tCHXt

Brian Bond of OPE : from being "a gay kid growing up in rural Missouri" to hosting WH LGBT Pride reception http://bit.ly/YUpmM

On Tap: 2:15 President of Colombia; 4:25 President & First Lady LGBT Pride Event; 5:00 Live-stream chat w/ Health Reform Director DeParle

President Obama wants to hear your health reform questions: http://bit.ly/Zm1RD #WHHCQ

Can you say what you want in 140 characters?
If not, keep trying until you can. Here are some of my latest attempts. I'm not there yet, but it is good practice. And it's a good way to see what one has been thinking about. If I knew how to make a video, I could let you see and listen to my blablabla in addition to having to read it.
@guyglover Mobile = pull media. Print and TV = push media. Clickable Print is the killer ap (Pr+ #QR = P2P TV) http://tinyurl.com/kkdf6c

IBM is missing the boat on smart schools. Talk to Ricoh/Infoprint. They get print piece. Clearly you don't. http://tinyurl.com/q2zfz7

@skariann The reality for journalists to face: http://bit.ly/12oIG2, consider the value of journo as moderator..Oprah? or Charlie Rose

Tally Suggests Ad Age Is Over -- or, at Least, It's Evolved. . . http://tinyurl.com/n9mx8o If Q = social media A= #QR codes

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