Sunday, June 28, 2009

Want to fix high schools? Just do what they're doing in Camden, N.J. .

It's really not that hard. Go to the link to get the story. It's about continuous focus, respect and very clear norms of behavior. And it's not about heroic behavior.

It would probably also work in globals and printing companies.
Urban high school's rare feat: No dropouts -
"'Our students have the same issues, dilemmas and challenges as students at the larger high schools,' says principal Timothy Jenkins. The graduating class includes students who became pregnant or homeless but still made it through school.

All 30 students who began as freshman at MetEast four years ago have graduated from high school somewhere, including a handful that have moved or transferred, Jenkins says.

That's a contrast to what happens in the city's two traditional high schools.

According to state Education Department figures, nearly 1 in 7 Camden High students dropped out in the 2007-08 school year. At Woodrow Wilson High, it was almost 1 in 11. Critics say those dropout rates are understated, but still, both schools were among the 20 in the state with the highest dropout rates.

All 28 students graduating from MetEast have been accepted to at least one college. Jenkins expects most of them to attend in the fall."

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