Sunday, June 28, 2009

Want to have College Student like you? Important Causes are not the environment. It's education.

MediaPost Publications Cause C
"What ranks at the top of the list? Education is considered very important by 81%, followed by child endangerment/abuse prevention at 68%. The fact that education leads the list shows how concerned students are about protecting and furthering their academic careers. Rape prevention (65%), civil/human rights (65%) and cancer (62%) round out the top five, with drunk driving prevention (61%), genocide (59%), domestic violence (57%), AIDS (57%) and environment/conservation (54%) completing the list of the causes that college students find important."

Gen Y has higher expectations of the products that it uses and consumes, demanding that brands not only perform to perfection but help make the world a better place at the same time. The rising popularity of cause-based marketing reflects a fundamental shift in the way that Gen Y is changing consumerism.

While most marketers reflexively reach to the "environment" when they outline their cause-based marketing efforts, a study conducted by SurveyU in May shows that the environment is merely the 10th most-important cause in the minds of current college student.

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