Wednesday, July 1, 2009

MPS: Xippa is in the game..PR release below.

I've been following Wade for a bit. My sense is that he has it just right. If I were an Indpendent, I would get a prospect to hire Wade. Let him get paid for doing the analysis. Then you have the evidence to craft just the right proposal to get the business. No muss, no fuss. Just value given, value received. If you are a global, or part of a global's channel, trying to use the Brand instead of the evidence to make the sale it's not a pretty prospect.
Xippa is a fresh-faced new startup from Seattle, Washington, created by Wade Cascini, a long term veteran of the document technology industry, to balance the scale on the customers side. The Managed Print Services industry has formed a speculative reputation at times for painful contracts and few remedies, in addition to the erosion of initial cost savings over the term of the contract. Due to his legal background and leadership experience at Global Imaging - Xerox, IKON, Pitney Bowes and a variety of other large document technology firms, Wade brings knowledge, expertise, and the enthusiasm to get the job done to the customer's corner.

Through his experience in the copy/printer industry, Wade saw a true need that he thought he could solve. sprang up from that need and has blossomed into a vibrant business that has provided consultation to everything from a small boutique law firm, to a multi-million dollar World-wide company. Wade genuinely believes in helping people, so much so that there is absolutely no fee unless he can help you. Xippa's revolutionary business model takes its fees directly from cost-savings.

How do you know if Xippa can help you? Here's a few simple questions: Does your copier lease end within the next 18 months? Are you currently looking for Managed Print Services? Are you looking to change copier vendors or renew your printer contract? If any of these are true, Xippa can help.

If you're happy with your current vendor but want to ensure you are getting “what you bargained for” or are one of the many end users who feel taken advantage of by Copier, Printer or Managed Print Service vendors, don't put up with it another minute. Call Xippa “that’s Zippa … with an X” today! (425) 898-1012.


  1. Copier service Contracts allow you to replace the old with new one. When you have this copier ervice contract then you can feel confident that you will never miss the another dead line because of a copier problem.

  2. Thanks for stopping by. As near as I can figure from the website, you give breakdown insurance for copier fleets. I don't know enough about the space to know, but is sounds pretty good to me.

    The funny thing is that if I were a buyer, I would probably ask Wade to take a look so I don't make a stupid decision.

    FULL DISCLOSURE: I have no interest, except as a recently found internet buddy, in Xippa. It's just that it sounds so easy and sensible to me. I like to think I'm sensible. But I know I'm lazy, so I love easy.