Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The 800 Pounder makes a deal with Tesco

read at vnunet.com
"HP has revealed several new additions to its printer and imaging services lines, including four new inkjet printers, a range of professional graphics and photo printers, and a new retail photo printing deal with Tesco."
Here's the cool part,
". . . Not only can customers quickly and easily create customised photo projects, but small and micro businesses can create dynamic, professional-quality, low-cost collateral at retail," said Rohit de Souza, HP vice president and general manager of business retail publishing solutions.
And after they test this out and get it just right at Tesco in the UK, and they already have a connection at Staples and they launched MarketSplash and they just had a great meeting at DSCOOP. Dare they dream . . . WalMart.

Free advice: To everybody but HP. They clearly have very good advice all ready. I would get entangled with any big box store or retail outlet you can. And I would incent every sales force you already have on the ground to get pages into the production equipment and commercial printers you have on the ground.

This window is going to close quickly. If HP keeps their lead with their first mover advantage, it's going to be a nasty next ten years. So I would do this much faster than normal corporate time.
From the Ground > Cloud > Print delivered on the Ground.
If anyone wants Free Advice for a good defensive strategy, the standing offer remains: Send me an email. I will charge you whatever the traffic will bear. Or anon comment, say "more" and you'll get for free.

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