Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ricoh (ground)> IBM (cloud)> Ricoh/InfoPrint (print)

From Death of The Copier:
Ricoh in 2007 bought International Business Machines Corp's digital commercial printer business for $725 million.
Ikon clients switching from rival gear to Ricoh's smoothly...accounted for 90 percent of sales at Ikon in January:

"TOKYO, March 5 - Ricoh Co Ltd said its products accounted for 90 percent of sales at Ikon in January, up from 30 percent before the office equipment distributor was acquired by the Japanese copier maker last year, underlining a smooth consolidation of the key U.S. unit.
. . .
Ricoh bought Ikon Office Solutions for $1.6 billion in October, delivering a heavy blow to rival Canon Inc, whose machines had represented 60 percent of the products Ikon handled before the October acquisition.
. . .
The Tokyo-based company held a 19.7 percent share in the global copier market in value terms in 2008, according to research firm Gartner, ahead of Xerox's 19.2 percent and Canon's 18.9 percent.
. . .
Kondo said he aims for sales and profit growth in the year starting April 1 as it benefits from a full-year profit contribution from Ikon, and its commercial printing business will likely take off in the new business year.

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