Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Eraseable Paper and the Xerox YouTube Channel

In case you missed the comments on the last post re:erasable paper, Art Post from the always interesting Print4PayHotel added this
Here's the video :http://www.websitetoolbox.com/tool/post/copierquestions/vpost?id=3334726&pid=32253854#post32253854
Free advice: Get this to market faster rather than slower. NOW would be good. The day this is in the field, I'll add 500 shares of XRX to my IRA. It should blow out the MPS space.

In other news-to-me, it turns out that Xerox already has a channel on Youtube. Go to YouTube. Search on Xerox. As of today there are 32 videos posted.
More Free advice: Suggest to the Education - facing sales force in MPS and MFP, that they send out emails in the following form,
Subject line: Have time for a chat about how this could work for your school?

Body: Here's how we cut the registration process from 2 weeks to 1/2 hour.
Or to the MPS/MFP salesforce:
Subject line: I think we can cut your overhead expenses without having to lay off anyone.

Body: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKCmUbdv2n4&feature=channel
Or to the folks in PSG.
Subject line: Take a look at the iGen4, it really does the change the game.
Body copy:
No videos as of today. This still needs some video for printer, not corporate.
If someone can get the comp right, MPS and MFP could join together with the commercial Print salesforce to sell MPS and/or MFP and/or Commercial Print. Then all of the commercial print sales force could send out the appropriate to emails to everyone in their suspect/prospect/customer/client/fan bins and start lots of interesting conversations.

The really disruptive innovation would be to get all of them to connect with Newspaper Ad people. When that's in place, small business will have access to multi-channel marketing programs that are easy to buy, demonstrably effective. It will bring millions of new customers into the market.


  1. dr. droock, I like the way you think.

  2. Thanks Michael,

    Do you have any thoughts or experience about the idea of comping MFP or MPS for bird dogging commercial print sales? Not just for Xerox but for anybody?

    My thinking is that a local MFP outfit makes a deal with Ricoh or Canon or HP or Xerox to get a referral fee for new customers to commercial printers who use their boxes on the production side.

    It seems so obvious. Is there anything I'm missing.