Thursday, March 5, 2009

HP = 3 , Apple = 2, Xerox = 1 In the computer industry. Huh?

Is it me or is it them? "Most admired" in the Computer industry?

Since when is Xerox a computer company? I thought they were The Document Company. I've been on my little soapbox about getting a chance to make a pure play on Xerox as a Print infrastructure company.

Makes one wonder about "executives, directors and analysts" and the Hay Group.
The survey, compiled by the management consulting firm Hay Group, asked executives, directors, and analysts to rate 1,400 companies on criteria such as innovation, investment value and global competitiveness. Xerox ranked No. 1 in its category for key reputation attributes including use of corporate assets, quality of management and social responsibility.
1 Xerox
2 Apple
3 Hewlett-Packard
4 Canon
5 Sun Microsystems
6 Dell
7 Ricoh
8 Fujitsu
10 Lenovo Group
11 Asustek Computer
12 Quanta Computer

The link to the Fortune Story.

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