Saturday, March 21, 2009

Kodak and HP: Just in case you thought you were going own digital photos to print products

The latest version of Google's Picasa has a direct link to 14 printing services. That Cloud > Print thing keeps making the competition more ferocious. And Google is going to try to connect their Cloud to everything.
Digital Printer Picasa Software - What Are the Differences Between Picasa 3 and Picasa Web Albums?:
"Both Picasa 3 and Picasa Web Albums make it easy to order prints of your digital photos. With just a click of a button on either one, you can choose an online digital printing service and place your order. Google automatically uploads the pictures for you. How easy is that? Picasa 3 gives you a choice of 14 printing services, while Picasa Web Albums gives you 4 to choose from."

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