Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Meanwhile, Oce keeps on Printing Books and now Newspapers

I have to love a Print company, that stays focused on Print. Black and white is good enough. Good enough is good enough.

behind the Premium Member pay wall at WTT:
"March 16th, 2009 -- The days of digitally printed newspapers seem to be finally arriving. This is not to say that we have not had such newspapers before. In fact in the past week I have received information from Oce that at their largest digital newspaper printing operation at Stroma in London, the five millionth digitally printed newspaper copy has rolled off their Oce monochrome presses after eight years of operation. It prints eight international newspapers every day and overall prints between 6 - 70 titles perday with run lengths from 5 to 500 copies. Later this year Stroma plans to expand its current Oce DemandStream 8090 press with inkjet JetStream technology to be able to offer color newspaper printing.

Stroma is a member of the Océ Digital Newspaper Network that between them have printed more than twenty million newspaper copies around the world.

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