Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pull Printing (MPS in the UK) = Printernet in the enterprise

When IT is connected to Print output, it's 1+1= 3. It shouldn't be that surprising since Print, in the West is 500 years old and much older in Asia.

Consider XMA (in the UK.)
XMA is a leading supplier of IT products and services. XMA has been in the business of supplying IT products and services for almost 20 years. Today, with a turnover over £200 million, we are supplying more products to more customers than ever before.,
They call their Print piece "Pull Printing"
XMA Pull Printing Solutions:
"What is Pull Printing?

Pull Printing is a networked system that enables companies and large organisations to successfully manage their print output - making it more efficient and effective.

With Pull Printing the user sends their print job directly to the Pull Server, they can then go to any Pull enabled printer in the organisation and request the printout at that location. Because the computers do not have to be configured with multiple printer drivers this reduces IT time and costs of installing drivers and associated software."
Modify "Pull Printing" and put it into a different context. It gives one scenario of what a PRinternet will mean.

The steps of a global PRinternet campaign
1. The message manager crafts the right message.
2. Advertising experts create a range of Print products - posters, newsletters, books.
3. Data analysts + marketing experts determine which form should go to which people at what time.
4. The campaign begins when the Print products enter the Cloud.
5. The sales people, retail outlets or evangelists on the ground contact any Pull enabled printer in the world and request the printout at that location.

Because the Print Output Nodes are all based on common standards and are connected by trust based Cloud communication, hundreds of millions of Print product can be in the hands of users at just the right time.

Note: The required experts might live within the enterprise. Given the impediments to innovation in most enterprises, it is more likely they will live someplace in the real world. But wherever they live they are in small teams. Physical space is not the issue for experts. But, it is the defensible advantage for Printers. That's why it's 1+1 = 3.

The Apple Example: Ground>Cloud>Music Player
Steve Jobs invented an enterprise in which innovation is supported by the Enterprise. Pixar has set up their own University. Apple changes the world with each major product introduction. Design and maniacal focus on both the customer experience AND earning money has paid off.

Apple figured out how everyone could make money when the music industry imploded. Sooner or later someone will figure out how everyone can make money as the newspaper industry implodes and the education, health and government industries are being reinvented.

Because of iTunes Apple sold many iPods. Now they are selling many iPhones. Meanwhile, iTunes is at least self-supporting while the real value is an ever growing fan base that will pay more for stuff because that stuff is connected to the Cloud. Their stock price is pretty stable even during the last couple of months.

Mr. Jobs, in both Apple and Pixar, understands creating value by making great stuff and "facilitating a user network" instead of being trapped in a value chain mindset.

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