Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Xerox, HP: MPS Association is a really important piece

New associations are the visible manifestations of independent network formation. Associated independent business can be the most powerful networks on the ground.
Xerox, HP: Take a long look at your enterprise MPS offerings. If these folks get it together, there is going to be a powerful new player in the game. Following is just one reason, I'm thinking they are going to get it right.
MPS offers customers the opportunity to reduce costs, reduce burdens on overtaxed IT personnel, and have a positive environmental impact with little to no upfront investment. At the same time, it provides MPS capable vendors with a compelling customer offering, which in return can help them retain their revenue base in the face of increasing competition and increasingly commoditized technology. This is a classic ‘win win’ scenario.
@ Photizo Group:
Why Now Is The Right Time for a Managed Print Services Association:

Ed Crowley, CEO of the Photizo Group, Thought Leaders in Managed Print Services (MPS)

During the 2009 MPS Conference in San Antonio Texas, a formation meeting will be held for the Managed Print Services Association (MPSA). Forming an association is always a challenging, and somewhat daunting task. So why, in the midst of the current economic climate when we have so many other daunting business challenges, should we, as an industry, care about starting the MPSA?"

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