Tuesday, March 17, 2009

One more piece of the printernet emerges

In a zero sum game one side wins. When networks grow the exchanges are non zero sum. The best strategy for creating value in a network is an evolutionarily stable strategy.

That just means win-win-win. As e readers go mainstream it's just another node to incorporate into the printernet.
Print Media Matters: Printed content on a touch screen: "Plastic Logic will be introducing a new e-reader, a super thin plastic touch display using polymer-based circuitry (which is a lot cheaper than silicon microchips). The reader has about the size of an A4 and weights as much as a notepad. The company not only introduces this reader, but also groups content partners for its Content Store. The Financial Times, USA Today and Zinio (providing over 1000 digital magazine titles) already signed up."

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