Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Time Inc. + LEXUS use the PRinternet

They don't know it's the PRinternet. But take the click. It's from the Ground>Cloud>Print. It will take a few days for the stories to get out about how got the clicks. Maybe a new model is one advertiser and lots of different issues, instead of one issue with many different advertisers.

Note: The message manager is in control. The magazine is the dependent variable. The Print is pulled from the ground. The enterprise - Toyota - gets 30,000 qualified leads. It's not about advertising, it's about identifying leads that are followed up by the dealers.

Added 8:25 Pm EST
Free Advice: Given that Toyota and Time, Inc. have made the first step, it might be a good idea for someone to give someone at Hearst or MacMillan and Ford or GM a phone call.
From AP via Yahoo News. Thank-you, MG for the point.
"LOS ANGELES - Time Inc. is experimenting with a customized magazine that combines reader-selected sections from eight publications as it tries to mimic in printed form the personalized news feeds that have become popular on the Internet." . . .

Readers can select five titles from eight published by subsidiaries of Time Warner Inc. and American Express Co.: Time, Sports Illustrated, Food & Wine, Real Simple, Money, In Style, Golf, and Travel + Leisure.

Editors will pre-select the stories that make it into every biweekly issue, and readers won't have the option of changing the picks from issue to issue.

There are 56 editorial combinations in all (the Lexus SUV has 22 customizable settings, plus eight options handled by a dealer). Those who fill out an online survey will also find that advertisements fit their personal circumstances in a form of hyper-targeting.

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