Friday, August 28, 2009

Doctors, health care groups use Twitter to reach public. Twitterstreams in #clickableprint?

The problem with tweets is that they have a half life of minutes. If printer streams are published at the MFP or the CRD or the PSP, Twitter-streams-in-print solves that problem.

Doctors, health care groups use Twitter to reach public:
"Dr. Rahul Parikh, a pediatrician at Kaiser Permanente in Walnut Creek, decided Twitter would enable him to point his patients to reliable information so ``they wouldn't get worried unnecessarily.''

He used Twitter to send links to Web-based articles about swine flu that he found enlightening. He also informed patients of Kaiser flu clinics and let the patients know when he would be out of the office.

His 59 followers did not learn about his personal life. ``I don't think people would find it that interesting that I'm working out,'' he said.

Parikh has told his patients not to tweet him with person medical questions because of privacy concerns. Such questions are best handled through private e-mails, he said.

Parikh, though, does believe Twitter can be an important tool to help empower patients to make better decisions about their health care. He recently posted links to information about sunscreen, bathtub accidents that injure 43,000 children a year, and surprising medical myths."

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