Saturday, August 29, 2009

Does Riso Kagaku Corporation trade in the States? They should be in my printernet portfolio.

The thing is that after looking around a bit, it seems they only trade in Japan. Since I'm just an amateur I don't trade in Japan. It's hard enough separating the signal from the noise in the States. So, if anyone has some advice, please let me know. ADR perhaps?

Why am I interested?
First because it seems a "printernet portfolio" is not a terrible idea. Check out the sidebar. Since the first of the year, my picks have delivered over 75%. And second, David Murphy from RISO took the time to point me to their YouTube channel, on a Saturday afternoon, no less.

Plus I love the Teacher Tools that No Teacher Should be Without. All you have to do is add the right content and some smart QR, and poof! A school can buy Professional Development for the price of a MFP.

Meanwhile, the video is much better than anything I've seen at Xerox, HP or anyone else as of today. Should be an interesting Print '09.

My not so humble advice is
that they get in touch with CGX and print a gezillion clickable postcards to take every prospect on the planet to this video. Then get CodeZ QRs to get all the data about who took the time to click on the video. Then give those names to the field force within a day of when they clicked.

Or if someone has the brain space, customize each mailing for each rep. Then save all the postage and print them on RISO boxes in the first place. It's show, not tell kind of thing.

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