Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More on Why I'm long on CGX

Gail Nickel-Kailing at WhatTheyThink started a new series today. Based on the first in the series, it's going to save me a fortune of time. Maybe some of the Wall Street Analysts will start following Print, since Gail is doing all the hard work.
"August 26th, 2009 we’re launching a series of profiles to look at some of the public companies in the graphic arts industry. Based on SEC filings, including quarterly and annual reports and proxy filings, we’ll track on the vicissitudes of commerce, the ups and downs, that challenge these companies."
Some snippets that caught my eye.
CGX prints a lot of election materials.

Gross profit for 2009 was actually 5 percentage points better than in 2008, reaching 80.2% of sales in 2009,

Joe Davis, President and CEO, and the Board of Directors took a voluntary 15% pay cut and the executive management team took a 10% cut.

Selling expenses dropped 5 percentage points.

Consolidated’s companies maintain their own sales, customer service, estimating and planning, prepress, production and accounting departments,

Consolidated’s corporate staff provides support for human resources, purchasing, internal financial controls design and management information systems to it’s network. All risk management, tax, internal audit and consolidated financial reporting activities take place within CGX headquarters.
I think I may be right about putting together a Printernet Portfolio in my IRA see sidebar. On average it's up 36% since the beginning of 2009. I made a couple of lucky picks, so my Printernet Portfolio is up around 75% as of yesterday. If there is a trick, it is ignoring blablabla Print is Dead blablabla.

Anyway, if I am right, CGX is well ahead of the pack as the production backbone of the printernet.

Full disclosure: The title of this post is for real: Long on CGX.

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