Saturday, August 29, 2009

What I think I learned this morning at Twitter about Printernet Publishing and getting to zero cost Professional Development.

I'm trying to figure out how to create a zero cost Professional Development product for High School Ed, first in the States, and then be able to scale world wide.

I hate the high cost of PD that is widely regarded as less than useless. While there are some offerings that make sense, most of them are ways to look like something is happening, without anything really happening.

It's a "busy, being busy" situation that gives the appearance of something useful. Meanwhile, our school systems are under sever strain.

My hypothesis is the #clickableprint( print + Smart #QR) that is #printernet published could solve the Professional Development problem while giving our Print industry a large previously un addressed market. It could add defensible value to MPS offerings and create a steady stream of work for PSPs.

At any rate, I'm starting to use twitter to do my research and think through how this might work.

An edited selection of this morning's tweets from ToughLoveforX, follow:
@kokh Unfortunately, I never learned to read Russian. But , consider #printernet published #clickableprint. Xerox in Russia would love it.

RT @VOQS great nwslter system ! Me: RSS to Email nwslter to Print nwslter to #Clickableprint newsletter. ya think?

Sustainable Communications at The Hannover Consultancy (UK) Me: sustainable ed? zero cost Profl. Dev? education = HR.

Newspaper Archives in #clickableprint #printernet published=1 part of free Professional Development for HS #education.

Newspaper Archives has the right tools for teachers. But teachers don't want PDF. They want paper to hand out.

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