Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tweet. Then Blog. Then Clickable Print. Here's what I mean.

What would happen to "Higher #Education" and Professional Development if they were subject to rigorous cost/benefit metrics?

RT@sidneyeve Survey: digital divide . . http://is.gd/2xPFn MJ:The transitional tech to bridge it is versioned digital print +smart phones.

RT@GoogleAtWork Cntral PA Cmty Clge . .HAWKMail powered by Gmail http://bit.ly/dRxSY.MJ: Google Apps + #MPS = community college printerent.

Twitterstream from @relivetheCrash in #clickableprint newspapers = a great way to teach economics, sociology and history to HS kids.

If "no news is good news",then the defensible value of a #newspaper is not the news. It's the paper. Go #clickableprint=Print+TV+metrics!

If "money makes the world go 'round", then the web. But "If all you need is love" then #clickablePrint. World goes 'round all by itself.

@Irestaurant Is 140 characters the length for the elevator pitch? Maybe 2 or 3 x 140. But definitely less 4 . +How many tweets on an A4? RT@Miller-McClure . our brains react . http://tinyurl.com/necayn MJ: Your twitterstream in #clickableprint would be awesome for #education.

In case you missed TransPromo in Boston.http://bit.ly/O53VK MJ: This plus a twtitterstream in #clickableprint. would be cool for Print '09.

Noel Ward on Oce+inkjet at OutputLinks http://bit.ly/G6qwD MJ: twitterstream in #clickableprint would also be cool for Print 09.

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