Friday, August 28, 2009

Twitter to Blog to . . .Printernet Published #clickablePRINT?

After 35 years in the game, I no longer have to "get to work." Since my day job is managing my IRA and it's hard to stay asleep after about 5:30 am EDT and there is no one is around to talk to, I dip into the twitter stream.

I thought it might be interesting-to-you what I found interesting-to-me. I edited down the list to Education and Printernet related tweets.

. requirement for “certification” . the prospects accept mentoring by the best teachers in the school." Patrick Welsh
"The Ed.D. and Other Certification Charades". by Patrick Welsh at NYT blog about #education.
“Taxonomies are dead. Long live metadata!" Nice example of a vigorous debate. Too bad it's not available in Print.

Noel Ward: So Miyakoshi builds the press and Océ does the controller.
ME: Is there a difference btwn CrystalPoint solid toner and Color Cube? see Noel Ward, pt 3 interview with #Oce
Watching Bloomberg..7:11 EDT. good talk about media biz.
RT@BSURVEILLANCE This morning on #SURV: Moffett, Wolff, Gregory, Boockvar, Biggs, Stephanopoulos, Loeb, Wittmann, and Bloomberg's Al HuntCraig Moffet said " anywhere TV" seems reasonable" biz model. Me: anywhere/time TV means anywhere/anytime Print. Go printernet!Moffet: twitter is the domain of old folks like me. 50 somethings are not all that different from 18 to 24'sFox "Cable TV is the juggernaut of the next couple of years?" Moffet, "yes."Michael Wolfe: Poltico v WaPo Head count : 75 vs 500 reporters. "Can a news organization be all things to all people as they once were?"Wolfe:TV. Cable is not a media biz. Wolfe: "problem is when you become a utility biz". Me: that's a feature, not a bug.Moffet: "The Death of Long Form" Me: reading was always a niche market, The good news is that it's growing. Print is for long form reading.via @Greg Walters "Now IS The Time for Managed Print Services - Hardware Sales Down as Much as 30% by Year End" #MPS

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