Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oops. Xerox new logo looks like a beach ball

from Adland images available at the link: "According to the NYT Xerox Hopes Its New Logo Doesn’t Say ‘Copier’ - well good news Xerox, it doesn't. It says 'beach ball' or 'hard peppermint candy' but not 'Copier' or anything else you actually do.

'Our new brand reflects who we are, the markets we serve and the innovation that differentiates us in our industry. We have expanded into new markets, created new businesses, acquired new capabilities, developed technologies that launched new industries -- all to ensure we make it easier, faster, and less costly for our customers to share information.' source press release
My note: Wouldn't it have been better to say, Xerox is the only global information instructure with printers attached? Probably not, but a talented copywriter could translate the idea into something some real people understand.
Sure, OK. Would you like a mint?

Update: My fave design-writer Armin at Brand New reports that one of the reasons Xerox did this drastic change was because it animates better.

I find it rather humorous — and please excuse me while I get my biggest gripe out of the way — that this logo 'animates' better and how it's a key strength. Yet, the best that could be done (at least at launch) is this? Seriously?"

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  1. The Xerox logo is a cross between a hard peppermint candy, and the Microsoft Xbox logo. I can understand that Xerox would like to make a statement distancing themselves from the brand of a copier, but I do not think that a child's toy was the way to go.