Saturday, January 24, 2009 turning the tide upstate

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"Xerox just laid off a couple hundred of its Rochester area employees last week. D&C columnist Denise Marie Santiago wrote about a couple of them:

This week I intended to write about a family facing dire straits, a married couple who’d just been laid off from Xerox Corp. within days of each other, a man and a woman trying to figure out how they’d keep their house, raise their kids and pay for health insurance without a paycheck between them.

It’s a story being echoed in Xerox, Kodak, and many other families around the county. Here’s the part that’s different:
Then I made a call to the company. After the call, guess what? The wife got her job back.

Which, of course, is wonderful for that family. But it should appall the thousands of employees who have lost or will lose their jobs in this latest round of layoffs that Xerox announced in the fall, some 3,000 in all. It sure bugs me.
I’m glad she was un-fired, but how arbitrary is that? Xerox grants a pardon to an employee to avoid bad PR? What this, and the cuts, are about is short-term versus long-term thinking. Short-term cuts to impress shareholders and God-like restoring of jobs to avoid a PR black eye."

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