Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sanyo tries to coin ‘dual cameras.’ Will it stick? |

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"When new tech terms solidify, they stick on tight. Colloquially, all copiers are “Xerox machines,” any web searches are “Googling,” and every tiny laptop is a “netbook.”"
So how about . . .
Yesterday Xerox meant copy.
Today Xerox means Print and Scan.

Google it. Find it. Xerox it.
If the Christian Science Monitor thinks we are a copy company and the AP thinks we are an office machine company, is it any wonder the stock price won't move?

Wonder how much we paid the PR firm and the Advertising Agency last year? More than we saved by laying off employees?

If anyone knows why this is wrong, please leave a comment.
Advertising agency? Brand manager? PR firm? Anne? Ursula?
I promise that I won't be snarky in any response. I'm just concerned about my 401K.

By the way, how are we doing with getting the erasable paper into the market?

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