Thursday, January 22, 2009

Xerox India Reemphasizes on Need for Innovation

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Notice it isn't the office equipment manufacturer industry it's the IT Industry. If they can get it right in India, what's the problem with our press? Too distracted? Too caught in the conventional wisdom?
"Vipin Tuteja, Executive Director, Production Systems Group (PSG) and Head Integrated Marketing & SAO, Xerox India, said, 'We are delighted to be a part of this prestigious event. It is an ideal platform for brands in the Indian market place to showcase innovation and differentiation.'

He further added, 'In tough times like today, innovation plays a critical role in business decisions and growth. Now more than ever, businesses are looking for ways to deliver more value to its customers and grow higher profits to stakeholders. Our association with POY 2009 is aimed to get closer to corporate and communicate the effective ways of communication via Xerox's innovative solutions and technology advancements that would help brands excel.'

Charulata Ravikumar, CEO, Product of the Year, said, 'In the face of globalization, awards are not merely appreciation of the effort behind a product"

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