Saturday, February 14, 2009

Another oops! Memjet views on the economic downturn and opportunity

read and links @ Jim Lyons Observations;.
. . of an interview with Kim Beswick, Vice President of Memjet Home and Office, titled "Memjet Technology Steps Out Into the Spotlight".
I recommend the entire piece, but was particularly intrigued by Beswick's comments about the impact of today's negative economic environment, including some ideas that it might not be such a bad thing, at least for Memjet.
". . . . as customers explore new creative ways to save money or to increase the efficiency of their businesses, there is a natural tendency to explore new brands, new technologies, and new ways of achieving value. The last analyst call I was on predicted, for instance, that a greater number of customers would be considering and purchasing cheaper non-OEM supplies options."
As the price competition continues to heat up in toner, that's going to make life much more complicated. The principle that disruption leads to new opportunities apply to us, as much as it does to the K-12 Textbook Guild.

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