Monday, February 9, 2009

"Content Specific Workbooks" are the leading edge to reinvent textbooks

Ok, so don't call it textbooks. We call it "content specific on demand workbooks." The real name should be space/time specific workbooks, but no one will know what that means.

At any rate, "supplementary materials" and "standards based workbooks" usually falls below the radar of the Textbook Oligopoly.

But a rose still smells, no matter what name you give it.

It's not a matter of inventing it. It's a matter of getting on a train that is starting to get ready to move out of the station. Whoever jumps aboard first gets the window seats.

Textbooks, anyone?

read @Innovation in College Media:
"This question focuses on the sharing of content and data among colleges locally and nationwide. For example, if textbook prices are outrageous at your school, should you be able to go to a database maintained by other college newspapers and see what kinds of stats they have on textbook prices?

The New York Times and ProPublica are looking into doing something similar through DocumentCloud, which would be a place for reporters to store documents they gather during reporting for other newsrooms to use."

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