Friday, February 13, 2009

Xerox Foundation supports innovative activities at Genesee

@ The Batavian - Batavia, daily news and community views, Genesee County, online newspaper:
"Genesee Community College and the Xerox Foundation have successfully combined their efforts to fund and support the President's Innovation Award (PIA) program. The President's Innovation Award provides funding for innovative activities and projects that promote community involvement in the life of the College, stimulate student and community pride in the College, and help establish pilot programs or initiatives with the potential for positive, long-term impact on the College. The Xerox Foundation was supportive of the PIA concept and gave $5,000 in support of the award program this year.

One of the recipients of the award was the Collegiate Entrepreneurial Organization (CEO Club)"
This is great. Maybe a student Entrepreneur wants to reinvent textbooks? if it scales, it's a win - win. Plus we can prototype at the Hatch Center with the best and brightest.

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