Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The defensible advantage of Xerox

snippet from R News
Xerox Execs Named to Top 100 List
Black Enterprise Magazine named three Xerox executives to its list of the 100 most powerful executives in corporate America."
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Kevin Warren, Xerox Canada, has been named one of Black Enterprise magazine's "100 most powerful executives in Corporate America." Warren's appointment makes him the first CEO of a Canadian company to be named to the list since its inception in 2005
.. . . Xerox Corporation president Ursula Burns and Quincy Allen, president, Global Business and Strategic Marketing Group, were also named to the 2009 list. Burns and Allen are both based in the United States.
The diversity of our top management is one of the real hidden values of the company. That three out of the top 100 are on our same team is just too cool for school. It is one among many reasons I'm so sure we'll get it right, sooner or later.

If Barack Obama can filter the noise from "seasoned professionals" and draw directly from his life experience, then "yes, we can" "fix the economy" and most of the other things we have to "fix."

If the signal can break through the noise, I am sure we can take the lead in fixing Urban High School education. The really neat thing is that most of it is about delivering contextual accurate information in the form of Print.

This blog viewership is growing nicely. Lots of viewers and some repeat customers who have the power to make BIG changes. Since I am a Baby Boomer who has seen impossible things happen before, at tipping point speeds, I know it can happen.

But how to break through the noise is always the biggest challenge. Actually it's the secret sauce of fixing high school ed. There is so much noise in a kid's life and a teacher's life and a principal's life and a school board's life and in the lives of all the smart people who are trying to get right, that simple obvious solutions are overlooked.

It's not rocket science. Just common sense systematically applied.

Full disclosure: I am not looking for a gig. I already did all the gigs in my life for fame and fortune. I love the role of Cranky Geezer. I worked 40 years to attain this status, and no one is going to take it away from me.


  1. BlaBlaObama dot com

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    if you would like to stop by again and try to explain what you mean, we can have a conversation.

    If by the post, it means you don't like our new President, that's ok with me. I always keep in mind that while the electoral vote looked like a landslide, in the real world it was about 51% of the 65% of the people who voted.

    It's just the way politics work in America.