Saturday, February 14, 2009

How the Crash Will Reshape America

Waves of creative destruction also lead to the new opportunities. When legacy communication ecologies start to disintegrate, it's often much easier to get the signal through the noise. Newspapers, textbooks, and the entire education system are being re invented.

That's the opportunity for new markets for digital print output.

read at Seeking Alpha, posted February 14,2009
How the Crash Will Reshape America
"While Richard Florida -- author of The Rise of the Creative Class, among other books -- is a controversial fellow among some of my friends and colleagues, his new piece in The Atlantic is worth reading.

Essentially Florida argues the following:

1. Many of the hardest-hit formerly industrial (e.g., Detroit, St. Louis, etc. ) cities over the last few decades will be hit even harder
2. Sun-belt fake cities, like Phoenix and Las Vegas, will pay the price for their nonsensical existence
3. Mega-regions will rise higher
4. Exurbs will become like the abandoned settlements of the Anasazi."

My recent column at Mediashift/ Print is the Next Big Thing

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