Monday, February 9, 2009


read the PR release at Ricoh Global:
"Tokyo – February 2, 2009 - Ricoh Company, Ltd (President & CEO: Shiro Kondo) today announced that it will participate in the SAP Printer Vendor program as a gold -level member.

Through the SAP Printer Vendor program, SAP AG is collaborating with Ricoh and other leading printer manufacturers to develop and deliver high-quality printing solutions that will lead to broader support of printer models in SAP business software applications. The program offers participating vendors, now including Ricoh, access to specific SAP development environments necessary to optimize support for their devices when operating in SAP solution-based environments."
the boilerplate at the bottom of the release:
About Ricoh
A global leader in digital office solutions, Ricoh ( creates new value at the interface of people and information, offering a broad range of digital, networked products, including MFPs, printers, fax machines, semiconductor related products and digital cameras. With 83,400 employees worldwide, and $22 billion in revenue, Ricoh is also one of the world’s leading environmentalist companies, committed to sustainable business everywhere.

Note: they are a "global leader in digital office solutions". And they sell " "networked products " In Europe they are hooked into SAP and the United States they are partners with IBM.

Anybody else see a pattern?

I have a theory that businesses in Island nations like the UK and Japan have a much easier time learning how to network so they don't stagnate. Their own markets are just to small to grow. Wonder what Ricoh is doing in India or the Middle East?

Do you think Ricoh gets it that MFP's are the links on the ground between Paper and the Internet? Textbooks, anyone? Reinventing Education?

If it not because it's a way to grow, it might turn out to be a good way to protect our network.

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