Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Print4Pay Hotel: Oce’ launched its new VarioPrint 4000 production b/w series

Read @ Print4Pay Hotel
"Oce’ launched its new VarioPrint 4000 production b/w series, which includes the VP4110 and VP4120:

- Uses CopyPress technology
- Low heat reduces limitations on media
- Does not slow down when running thick stock
- Single charge reduces static buildup
- Does not use developer
- VP4110 offers top speed of 106ipm for $39,961 MSRP
- VP4120 offers top speed of 120ipm for $45,961 MSRP
- Rated for 1.5 million impressions per month (max of 2.5 million/month)
- Both versions run 51ipm for 11’x17”
- 600x1200dpi with 141 lpi
- Back to front registration guaranteed at 0.5 mm"
"P4PHotel was envisioned as a means to satisfy our "Need for Knowledge" for the Copier Industry" What does it mean when they do posts on production equipment?

While continue to having meetings about getting our channels to support each other, the copier people are already ahead of us.

Didn't Ann start as a copier salesperson? Maybe instead of educating them, they should be educating us.

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