Friday, September 4, 2009

"Printernet" was coined at PacPrint 09 in Australia

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I started a conversation about the printernet over at Digital Nirvana. Turns out I did not coin the word. Some marketing professional at PacPrint 09 did. From the comments:
  1. Andy McCourt Says:

    Printernet is one of the themes of this upcoming show, although more in a marketing sense than the apps you describe.
    I am one who believes that the contextualisation - on both personal and interest group levels - of information in a bound printed product is set to be one of the next big things. If that’s Printernet then yes, it’s useful.

  2. mjosefowicz Says:

    And I thought I coined the term. lol. Just goes to show that there are no new ideas, just different implementations in different places! If someone in Australia thought it was a good word, and I thought it was a good word here in New York. It might actually be a good word.

    At any rate, my sense is that if the term is used not merely for marketing, but as a guide for strategy it works. It means that local printers become eager to make connections, instead of trying to go it alone. It means that the vendors see that they are part of much greater media ecosystem that implies they can’t go it alone.

    With the coming to market of mass customization technology, it means the beginning of the end of one size fits all Print. The under appreciated opportunity is the ability of Print to communicate with groups of people, with micro versioning, instead of focusing on 1 to 1 in the service of direct mail on steroids.

    I’m seeing:

    Relevant content printed and distributed by local PSP’s as bi monthly “stay in front of the customer” newsletter? newspaper? poster? And every once in a while a book?

    It could be:
    Corporate communication to stockholders directly that by passes the “busyness press.”. Or the latest print stories from Australia, India or Europe. Or industry specific content - marketing? advertising? education? etc etc

    Or the good news about people on the ground with innovative solutions, as one finds in the Christian Science Monitor.

I didn't say there what I think is the most interesting opportunity of all, replacing textbooks and supplementals with WikiBooks, WikiNewspapers, and posters that are the right information in the right form at the right time for bottom of the pyramid high school students, either in school, drop outs from school or incarcerated.

If the question is peace and sustainability, the answer is education.


  1. Hey Michael...thanks so much. I'll make sure our Printing Industries Association and the Graphic Arts Merchants Assoc know about this...they jointly own the Pacprint show.
    Best regards

  2. Urban dictionary has this term as of 2006.

  3. Just goes to show there are no new ideas.

    So it looks like printernet has been around since at least 2006. So I guess it means Anon found the word.

    From the link:
    Urban Dictionary is the dictionary you wrote. Define your world