Thursday, September 3, 2009

What I'm learning at Twitter this morning. Some of it might be useful to printers.

The coolest thing was
Spent a couple of minutes @RT @Ruth_Z - It's way, way, way cool. Good luck! Hope there is a great biz model.

This is a highly recommended link. The short story is that it's real time information on usage patterns on twitterstreams. The potential applications for Print + twitter are mind blowing. Read more at Benoit Trembly's blog

The next coolest things were:
RT@Cibereconomy Google ..To Bring Movie Rentals To YouTube MJ: Nice.Anywhere/time video needs AWT Print. Go printernet!

Todays anywhere/time TV at "Daschle Optimistic about Health Reform in 2009". I'll watch it after the market opens. #education

Teaching science? #HW="watch video. Pause if smthng is cool-to-U or dsn't make sense-to-U. Ask me about it in class"
My issue is managing my IRA and trying to help fix bottom of the pyramid high school education. The problem with high school education is not curriculum or even management. The problem is
dcarliRT @ToughLoveforX: "The research is clear: when families are engaged in chldrn's ed, chldrn do better " via @ElaineOng (DC: We're ALL family)
I have to take a break now. Market opening in about 1 1/2 hour.

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