Tuesday, September 1, 2009

QR Codes Are a Purls Best Friend, Yes, and a quibble. TransInfo?

I got my email from OutputLinks this morning. Then followed the links to Joe Barber's post at the QR blog and found the following. My only quibble is with "increased response rates are a CMO’s best friend."

Actually actionable information is what helps CMOs not get fired every 18 months. Response rates are just a snapshot of activity. It's similar to the way that a high stakes test is only a snapshot of a learning process. But real life is not a snapshot. It's a movie.

Actionable information is needed for a sustainable brand over the long term. Actionable intelligence helps one figure out what to do next. Every CMO needs to know what to do next. The under appreciated power of both QRPurlZ and human readable QRs in the form of TinyPurls is as a perfect tool for TransInfo. TransInfo can generate actionable intelligence.

High School education at the bottom of the pyramid
For Print, education and health are the under appreciated high value markets for the next couple of years. As a brand becomes a trusted conversation, the lessons earned in marketing can be applied in education.

Consider reinvented textbooks that lets the teacher know if and when a student clicked on a website, looked at a video and then created their response on a wiki, blog or at twitter.

The teacher/student user experience
Print out a "clickable" A4 at the MFP.
Hand out it out to the class.
"Please click on the link and watch the video on your smartphone or computer.
Write your questions or comments in your notebook or tweet them to the class."

Time and date stamped real time information exchange data created with no investment of teacher time. The teacher can monitor when time permits. It can be printed out to share with moma on open school night. If the questions and comments lead to an online stored conversation, it becomes a measure of learning that supplements the snapshot produced by standardized tests.

The real challenge in education is to change behavior. "Clickable" print is a new metric to monitor the behavior of information exchange. Information exchange is the observable behavior of learning. As the data emitted can be searched and analyzed, it will be possible to see what works and what doesn't with enough time to eliminate what doesn't.
QR Codes Are a Purls Best Friend:
We recently introduced a new brand called QRPurlZ which encode PURLS (personalized URLs) into a CodeZ QR. I am often asked, "Will QRPurlZ replace PURLs?" The answer is a resounding NO!

In fact QRPurlZ only serve to enhance the value PURLs bring campaigns and the continued deployment of PURLs will increase the demand for CodeZ QR.

Why do I say this?

PURLs allow the marketer to engage the customer in a one on one dialogue. Through this dialogue the marketer learns more about that customer which aids in even more relevant future communications.

The problem with PURLs has been that they require the recipient to be near an internet connected computer to fat-finger key a long character string.

QRPurlZ eliminate the cumbersome keying required by PURLS and can even be read by most cell phones. The cell phone - often called today's computer - is always on, always ready and always available which creates a perfect device to read QRPurlZ when the recipient is at their peak stage of interest. No more typing or waiting to get to the computer.

With QRPurlZ marketers can now encode their PURLS into a CodeZ QR.

Now a user can simply scan the code with their mobile phone or web cam and they are instantly connected to their personalized landing page.

So CodeZ QR really is a PURLs best friend by helping lower the barriers to immediate recipient response to dramatically increase campaign response rates.

And, increased response rates are a CMO’s best friend.

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