Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Today at Twitter. It's about Print 09 and Tending Gardens.

For those of our visitors who have to work for a living and can't take a couple of minutes every hour or so here's what I think I learned today.

Amazon and Google are going to court around ebooks. Oce has CodeZ QR in their booths. Kodak is moving right ahead with the Prosper Web press add on. The buzz about anywhere/time TV continues at MediaPost. Hachette whines that Amazon's $9.99 ebooks will kill hardcover books. Some scientists have developed Augmented Reality that can fit into contact lens. Other scientists have figure out how to photograph one atom. And Kodak has a really neat advertising widget over at

And my personal favorite.
The best model for understanding social media, selling and communication ecology may turn out to be tending a garden and watching exactly how plants grow.

The tweet and video about the plant stuff is below. If you are interested in the other stuff. It's ToughLoveforX at twitter.

Here's what I'm trying to say about plants +social media and the ecology of communication.#biomimicry YouTube Video.

And this one:

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