Sunday, August 30, 2009

Go HP Labs! "HP Labs has made good progress creating paper-thin plastic displays"

So maybe PARC+FXPAL + HP Labs + all the other R&D labs that are getting much too expensive to maintain by globals, could all play nicely together and fix the communication ecology in public education. If they sell certificates with face to face + online education delivery they could be MIT+Stanford+ Pixar University and be self-sustaining.

I'm not waiting. But I am hoping.

Anyway here's what the engineers are doing at HP. I love engineers.

From Deals & More:
blogger is being a little silly this am. So search on "Phicot" and you'll get there.

The money sentence:
In the next 18 months, HP plans to start delivering displays as part of Dick Tracy-style watches it is creating for U.S. Army infantry soldiers. Commercial applications are also planned in part through an HP spinoff,Phicot. It’s easy to envision the displays being used in everything from electronic magazines to wearable displays.
. . .
But the HP plastic displays could be made in relatively simple factories with new processing equipment. Taussig says that HP isn’t planning to manufacture the displays itself, but it could still benefit via the spinoff or other ways.

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