Friday, September 4, 2009

Now it's seems it's a sleezy Independent. Copier bills bankrupt a school. This is getting serious. New game. New rules.

Governor French caught in copy machine dispute -Belleville News-Democrat, Illinois:
"BELLEVILLE -- Governor French Academy may have to file for bankruptcy to protect itself financially from a dispute involving copy machines, the school's headmaster said Thursday.

'We started to receive bills out of the blue for copiers we don't have,' said Governor French founder Phillip Paeltz.

Paeltz said the school has done business with Kevin Welch, of Okawville, for nine years, leasing copying machines from various companies the school staff thought Welch represented. The school staff was under the impression the leases were terminated when they returned the copiers to Welch but discovered later that some of the machines were never returned to the companies, according to Paeltz.
. . .
Paeltz said he knows of at least two similar incidents occurring in Illinois, one at a church in Madison County and one at a senior citizens center in Okawville
Our friend at says,
Contract structure and insuring the customer gets what they bargained for is at the root of the Academy’s problem. Xippa is in business to protect the customer from having situations like this happen. It does not matter what is said by the salesperson, when the last line of the contract says only the terms and conditions contained apply. is here to help”.
I don't have any relationship or financial interest in Xippa. Except to keep our schools, churches or senior centers from finding themselves in the same situation.

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