Monday, August 31, 2009

My Twitter Radar before Print '09. The printer to-do part is at the end of the post.

I turn on the radar for real about 3 hours before the market opens in NY. The real reason is that I learned how to wake up at 5:00 am when I was running a printing business. Estimates to do, production follow up, stress about making payroll and what "did that customer mean when they said blablabla.

The good news is that's over but the sleep cycle remains. In NY we are learning to "Say something, when you see something." So, here's what I said @ToughLoveforX this am.
Twitter is zipless communication. See Fear of Flying, 1973 Erica Jong.
Print is also zipless communication. That's why print is so cool.
"Isn't it a shame that pasng laws justified by the noblest of intentns dsn't guarntee results?"via @agentapopolis
@Cibereconomy Stocks set for selloff Me; My instinct is no. Japan is nervous with a new sheriff. Let's see what happens.
This podcast at Bloomberg really is a MUST LISTEN.
RT @Bsurveillance Moffett, Wolff Discuss Media, Newspaper Industries ME: Must hear if you follow #twitterprint.
Anywhere/time TV means anywhere/time Print.
John Lipsky on anywhere/time Fora.TV #SURV
As twitter moves into the enterprise and as a small business tool, it will speed up the formation of printernet publishing and #clickablePrint.
RT@coolcatteacher #education . . @ivread - the new way to track books you've read on Twitter : ME: Most def' way cool!
The action post
Someone should talk to about #printernet publishing and #clickableprint (or is it #smartprint ?)

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