Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Heidelberg gets it.

PSP as OPMs and sometimes VARs. All connected through the web. And focus on servicing the OPM's to keep them profitable. It's the backbone of printernet publishing.

Free advice to Oce
If you can't do a deal with Kodak, do a deal with Heidelberg. Besides they are already in Europe and don't care about the digital piece yet. But as newspapers keep figuring it out, it could work out pretty well for both of you. Plus you probably share a similar DNA.

Meanwhile, the link is definitely worth the click:
Beyond-Print - all about future media - Heidelberg’s second-in-command discusses the company’s finances and strategy: "Advice to printers. Rautert believes that printers who want survive the current downturn will have to work very hard at streamlining their businesses. They must implement lean manufacturing – if they don’t, “it’s almost a guarantee of non-survival.” Workflow software is essential, just as an operating system is essential to running a PC. Payback on workflow software is usually under one year, sometimes just a few months. But it only pays off if you train and motivate people to use it.

Rautert looks at seven factors printers need to pay attention to: they must learn to run their shop by the numbers, provide training, provide top quality, ensure productivity, implement good marketing, minimize environmental impact, and add value. His specific advice would be different for every printer, depending on their situation and their customers. But there is one constant piece of advice: analyze your position carefully, then act swiftly."

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