Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Maybe Xerox's Secret Weapon is Fuji Xerox?

According the website, Fuji Xerox , in 2001 it was owned by Fuji Photo Film Group with 75% and 25% by Xerox Corporation.Their research center, FXPAL, has John Seeley Brown, Former Chief Scientist, Xerox Corporation and Director Emeritus, Xerox PARC on their Board of Directors. They sell into Asia (-India) and Australia.

The only bad thing is I can't figure out a way to add Fuji Xerox to my IRA. Adding FujiFilms is like adding HP. Too complicated. Plus it's not a pure play on Print.


  1. Fuji Xerox is not publicly traded.

  2. I figured as much when I couldn't get a symbol at Schwab. It's too bad. I think they have the right DNA to be able to challenge HP for control of the space.