Thursday, April 9, 2009

This is what a user network commercial model can look like:

The VAR activates the network. The OPM in York PA prints stuff. The VAR is based in Brooklyn. The OPM in Africa captures more of the value.

Can you imagine doing this in a value chain economy? Can you imagine or Google in a value chain?

Consider publishing OPMs around the world, activated by VARs around the world, then output through printernet publishing OPMs around the world.

Chocolate Fuels Local Printing -
Printing Industry News from WhatTheyThink:
"According to Laucks, Madecasse ( goes beyond fair trade: “Rather than purchasing cacao beans cheaply from farmers and taking jobs offshore to developed countries, Madecasse made a conscious decision to improve the lives of the people on the island of Madagascar.” The company set up the whole production from bean to bar on the island off West Africa, generating four times the economic activity and transferring valuable skills. Malagasy Ambassador to the United Nations Zina Andrianarivelo stated, 'Mad�casse has taken a non-traditional route. It's not the easy route, but it’s the type of trade model and thinking that can help Madagascar in an important way.”
. . .
The new pouch-type wrapper printed in York brings additional hand-labor work—and income¬—to the indigenous Malagasy. The pouch construction is also necessary because Mad├ęcasse’s production partner in Madagascar does not have a machine that can automatically wrap the chocolate. At the same time, it’s more economical for the Brookyln-based chocolate company, making it a win–win for all parties. Always conscious of sustainability, Laucks made sure the wrappers are made from paper containing at least 30% PCW.

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