Thursday, April 9, 2009

Score another one for Oce!

Oce's DNA, as far as I can tell by reading the Press Releases and watching them over the years, is in large volume business critical database publishing. They don't have advertising DNA.

The story below is about how they are following their DNA into managing "critical business processes" that revolve around large scale high speed transactions. It's pretty similar to InfoPrint.

The headline about OutSourcing is a little misleading. As far as I can tell, the companies have actually insourced Oce's earned experience in organizing their tools to maximize efficiency. VAR's have earned experience that can be very valuable.

When a company follows their DNA and does not get distracted they make money. Once the silly money is driven out of the market, companies that make money will be rewarded by high stock prices. . . . As long as they keep making money and don't get distracted.

Nobody cares any more about the top line. Lehman Borthers and General Motors and AIG had amazing "brands" and huge "top lines."

One $100 million contract with P&G is very nice. Now if I could figure out how much of that filters down to the bottom and maybe even out to shareholders in the form of a regular dividend, that would be much nicer.

Oce Wins $70 Million Worth of Document Processing Outsourcing Deals - Printing Industry News from WhatTheyThink: "NEW YORK – Oce Business Services, a leader in document process management and electronic discovery, today announced that during the past 12 months it has won contracts totaling over $70 million to manage complex, high-volume document processing center operations. The multi-year agreements include managing document processing centers that support critical business processes for pre-eminent companies . . . . "

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