Saturday, April 11, 2009

IRA is starting to love Print

I've loved print since my dad brought home four color press sheets printed on a 2 color Miehle. Now, 50 years later, I've found new reasons to think there is nothing better than print.

This week's IRA scoreboard: ( since Feb. 17, 2009)
OCENY +68.80%
EK + 6.8%
RICOY +9.39%
XRX - 9.90%

I started buying and keep holding XRX since 2005. So my overall XRX score is - 64.07%. That's why I sometimes say "Go Mets!" I still love 'em. But it has been tough.

I keep hoping that HP spins off print and Kodak spins off print and Infoprint goes it alone. That would make for a nice portfolio for me. As for XRX, I keep the faith. Sooner or later they will get it right. Go Mets!

Or maybe some of the hedge fund money that is prowling around for a new game will come in to reorganize and consolidate the whole sector. Separate out all the really boring print pieces from the "exciting" IT, organizing busyness and marketing pieces. It would be sort of a Mittal Steel for Print.

I'm seeing a radically slimmed down connection between OEM's and OPM/VARs. Cut out the middleman. Faster, better, cheaper. I figure that with all the amazing talent the globals can no longer afford, the pool of available talent for VAR's and OPM's has never been greater. If someone insures their health care, there will probably be a mass exodus from globals. Given the American culture of "who wants to work for boss?", it should be a no brainer.

Now that could get really interesting.

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