Sunday, August 2, 2009

Enterprise Twitter? Must be happening somewhere. Just not on my radar yet. Twitter streams in clickable print? Still scanning the radar.

Twitter is much better than enterprise email. I assume, but don't know, that Google Wave has a twitter like feature. That means Google Apps should scale faster rather than slower.

The things about twitter are
1. You don't have to CC to everyone to make sure they are "in the loop" which eliminates the stress of who is supposed to know about "X."

2. There is no inmplied expectation of a response, with all the needless stress that creates.

3.It creates, stores and searches the metrics to hold everyone accountable. The assumption is that if it is there, everyone is responsible for knowing about it. None of this "You never told me! blablabla.

The secret sauce is the 140 character constraint.
If you have something serious to say in 140 characters, you think before you click. It cuts down dramatically on communication pollution. Less communication pollution means a more sustainable communication ecology. It's just another way of saying, "Cut out the bs."

From Wired.Com. 2007.

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then the web is positively enamored with Twitter.

Over the past few months, a flood of clones has appeared, imitating and repurposing the "micro-blogging" concept popularized by the San Francisco-based social networking start-up. People generally use Twitter to post short status updates telling their friends via SMS what they're doing right this minute ("Reading").

A page on the Twitter Fan wiki, a community site run by Twitter users, lists at least a dozen copycats, most of them overseas. Chinese blogger "Thw" has compiled a list of a dozen more.

Some of the imitators, like Germany's Wamadu and Japan's Mogu2, have copied the Twitter model outright, even cloning the look and feel of Twitter's website. One of the most aggressive clones is Frazr, a site with both French and German-speaking user communities. Frazr is a full-featured clone, complete with custom Firefox and WinAmp plug-ins for posting messages.


  1. The main Enterprise Twitter product is Yammer. Other folks like Socialtext have built Twitter-like functionality into appliances.

  2. Thanks Chris.
    I'll check it out.