Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Google gets one step closer to personal TV for the news. Local outlets need #clickableprint to earn some margins.

Now on YouTube - Local News -
"YouTube, which already boasts of being “the biggest news platform in the world,” has created a News Near You feature that senses a user’s location and serves up a list of relevant videos. In time, it could essentially engineer a local newscast on the fly. It is already distributing hometown video from dozens of sources, and it wants to add thousands more.

YouTube says it is helping TV stations and its other partners by creating a new — but so far not fiscally significant — source of revenue.

But news media companies may have reasons to be wary. Few TV stations have figured out how replicate profits on the Internet. YouTube can easily act as another competitor."
The reason that newspapers have figured out how to replicate profits on the Internet is that it's not going to happen. Real estate on the internet is limitless, so the price of real estate goes down. Real estate on paper is limited. That's why local advertisers will pay for ads in Print.
Clickable print means everyone can get customer informatics. All good for Print.

Consider clickable print as a Table of Contents for Personal TV.

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